Love Oakville? You'll love #JoettesRoutes!

When In The Know Local arrived in Oakville, Ontario they were looking for one Go-To Oakville expert. They chose Joette Fielding and now every month Joette co-creates #Routes with In The Know Local and celebrates the best of local. In The Know Local does all the planning, you do all the enjoying!

Girl's Day Out in Oakville

There are few things in life better than enjoying a few hours out on the town with your girlfriends in downtown Oakville. To make your girlfriends day the best ever, we’ve asked Joette Fielding, our handpicked, go-to Oakville city expert to help us map out an incredible 10 stop Girl’s Day Out #Route.  

This mini-city tour will take you and your girlfriends on a fully-planned out afternoon of  pampering, coffee, art, shopping, lunch, wine and of course, you’ll love strolling through beautiful downtown Oakville window shopping while you catch up with your best friends! 

What's on Tap in Oakville

Ready for to discover the best of Oakville with our handpicked, go-to city expert? In this edition of #JoettesRoutes, Joette Fielding and the In The Know Local team carve out a sipping tour for you and your friends.

Invite a few friends to hop on our What's on Tap #Route and explore at your own pace and in your own time. Best of all, since we've mapped out every stop all you have to do is follow along and enjoy a special day out with wine, beer, coffee, kambucha and more. 

Bronte Great Finds

The scout team at In The Know Local handpicked Joette Fielding to be our go-to Oakville expert because we think she's one of the best Realtors in Oakville!  Every month Joette co-creates a themed local love #Route and this month she’s showcasing her favorites from one of her favorite spots in Bronte Village. This is a walking tour that will have you enjoying fashion, interior design, art, giftware and of course, great food and drinks along the way! 

Shop, Sip, Repeat

As the handpicked, exclusive Go-To Oakville expert for In The Know Local,  Joette creates fun, themed adventures called #JoettesRoutes each month. This month the theme is Shop, Sip and Repeat!

This mini-city tour will take you on a fully planned out shopping and sipping adventure. Joette and the In The Know Local team have done all the work of mapping out the best places, all you have to do is follow along and enjoy! 

Cool Treats

When you're the handpicked, exclusive Go-To Oakville expert for In The Know Local,  you have the fun of showcasing your favourite local spots. This month, Joette celebrates summer with her Cool Treats #Route and invites you to follow along for a cool day out!

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