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#Joettes Routes: What's on Tap?

Joette Fielding

As a top-performing Oakville Realtor, I am very privileged to lead The Fielding Team, a specialized group of professionals comprised of top producers,...

As a top-performing Oakville Realtor, I am very privileged to lead The Fielding Team, a specialized group of professionals comprised of top producers,...

Jun 4 4 minutes read

As the handpicked, exclusive Go-To Oakville expert for In The Know Local,  Joette creates fun, themed adventures called #JoettesRoutes each month. 

This month the theme is What's on Tap?

This mini-city tour will take you on a whirlwind tour of the best places for drinks! Along the #Route you'll enjoy coffee, tea, local beer, wine and even a few surprises. 

To get started grab a friend or two and then jump in and experience the best of what's on tap in Oakville using #JoettesRoutes as your easy guide. 

1. All or Nothing Brewhouse

We’re kicking off our What’s on Tap #Route with a fan favorite. All or Nothing Brewhouse proves why craft is better. With their guiding principle being “Do it with passion or not at all”, it’s no wonder that this Oakville gem produces some of the best local brew, all without additives.

Joette's Tip: Book a tour ahead of time and get an inside look!

2. Harper's Landing

This is one of Joette’s favorite places to grab an outlandishly Instagram-worthy Ceaser and chill. Harper’s Landing is renowned for having one of Oakville’s nicest patios, so linger a while and enjoy the vibe!

Want to share the love? Tag @TheFieldingTeam on your selfies so we can celebrate your What's on Tap adventure and share the love!

3. Tea with You

When it comes to Joette’s “What’s on Tap” tour, we had to include tea! Tea with You is a unique and hidden gem in Oakville that provides a tea experience that would be hard to find outside of Japan. With unique offerings like Tea Tastings and Tea Ceremonies, this may be one of your favorite stops on the tour.

4. 7 Enoteca

 On this stop of the What’s on Tap #Route we step into a world of upscale delight. Enoteca will wow you with decor that transports you to another world with a rare, hard-to-come-by wine list.

5. Dave and Busters

This stop on #JoettesRoutes is all about fun! Oakville is lucky to have one of the two Canadian locations for Dave and Busters and it’s the perfect spot for kids of all ages to let loose and have fun. While you’re there tap into the drinks and play away!

6. Kathy's Kambucha

Healthy and delicious pitstop on the What’s on Tap #Route: Cathy’s Kombucha offers up delicious and nutritious non-alcoholic beverages that the whole family will love. Kombucha dishes up good for you probiotics in six flavours and happily, it’s gluten-free, soy-free, and sulphate-free.

7. Ein Stein Wine House

Voted Best Make Your Own Wine Facility in the surrounding area for 22 years in a row, Ein Stein Wine House was a “for sure” stop on Joette’s What’s on Tap #Route.

You may not be able to sip the goods right on the spot but you can browse through the list of 200 wines you can make at this lively and friendly #Route stop.

8. Carvalho Coffee House

You’ve heard of wine tours, beer tours, and golf tours, but have you ever heard about coffee tours? Carvalho Coffee invites you to share their passion and watch the magic happen!

Your first cup is on the house, but it comes with a warning: You may never want to drink coffee from anywhere else ever again. Fortunately, you can keep going back for more bags of beans.

9. Vegebitz

With over 44 kinds of smoothies and shakes ranging from traditional flavours like dark chocolate, to bold flavours like cotton candy, vegan milkshakes don’t have to be an oxymoron anymore, thanks to Vegebitez.

Vegebitez is a cute, colourful, and chic dine-in stop on our What’s on Tap #Route that promises delicious, GMO free, vegan, gluten-free, and peanut-free shakes.

10. Dirty Martini

If you want to take your What's on Tap #Route into the night, Dirty Martini is the place to go!

Last call? A place with the feel of a chic, upscale Toronto club right in Oakville. Dirty Martinis serves over a dozen martinis, with the option of bottle service and DJ’s playing retro tunes. On this stop of the #Route, you can have your martini and drink it too!

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