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Your Painting To-Do List

Blog by Joette Fielding | May 4th, 2015

Paint cans and brush.jpgNow that the snow has finally melted and outdoor temperatures are beginning to rise, it’s the perfect time to start planning your DIY spring to-do list for both indoor and outdoor projects.  Aside from the annual spring cleaning crusade, one of the most common tasks that many homeowners plan to tackle this time of year is to freshen up their surroundings with paint.

Relative to what is typically spent on a full renovation, paint is a small investment that can completely transform any living space in a short amount of time.  And for even the novice DIY-er, a successful paint job is quite simple.  But before you crack the lid on that can, we have a few important tips to consider that will ensure the best results.

Create a tangible to-do list
If you’ve been compiling a mental list of spring DIY painting tasks, it’s essential to write each project down on paper and then create a plan.  From your list you can begin to estimate how much time, materials and money will be required, and then assess the level of skill needed to complete it.  If a project is outside of your comfort zone or experience level, it is definitely worth seeking out trade professionals to complete the job for you on time and on budget.  And when it comes to outdoor painting tasks, don’t forget that you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Look ahead at the forecast and plan accordingly to anticipate rain or ensure that overnight temps don’t dip too low, which can disrupt drying and curing times.

Prep, prep, prep!
Whether you’re painting your living room, a furniture piece, or your front door, the anticipation of rolling out a new paint hue can be too much to bear for some, but it’s important to fight the urge until you properly prepare the surface first.  Ensuring that the necessary prep is completed, such as filling nail holes, sanding and cleaning surfaces and applying a fresh coat of primer for optimal adhesion, will not only give you superior results, but will add to the longevity of your paint finish.

Here are a few tools to have on hand that will make your preparation phase go smoothly:

•     Paint scraper to remove loose, peeling paint
•     Putty knife to apply compound
•     Painters tape to mask baseboards and trim details
•     Screwdriver to remove outlet covers
•     Step ladder
•     Drop cloths to protect floors and furniture
•     Quality, high-adhesion primer, such as Zinsser
•     Invest in the proper application tools
•     Caulking compound or filler for cracks and nail holes

So, you’ve chosen the perfect paint colour for your room, but have you selected the perfect paint tools? There is a big difference between a paint brush or roller from the dollar store vs a quality one from your local home improvement centre. Quality tools will help you achieve a better finish and they last significantly longer. We have had the same brushes for years, and with proper cleaning and storage, they are as good as the day they were purchased!  It’s important to choose the tools that compliment the type of product you are using and the type of surface you are painting. For example, if you are brushing latex paint on a wall, a polyester/nylon brush will work much better than a natural bristle brush, which is intended for alkyd paints or outdoor stains.

Pick the right product for the job
Determining where and what you will be painting will determine which product you should use to attain the best results.  Are you painting a bathroom where moisture is a concern? Are you staining a wood deck where several boards have recently been replaced? Choosing the right product is key, and there are so many new and innovative paint options available these days that can breathe new life into old surfaces that would have previously been destined for the landfill. There is a perfect product for every situation and substrate … you just need to ensure that you choose the best one designed specifically for your application.

So, write your DIY project list, roll up your sleeves, and start your spring off in style by turning your painting to-do’s into décor ta-da’s!

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