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What Should Stay When Staging Your Home

Blog by Joette Fielding | October 14th, 2014

Home StagingMuch is said about what should go when you list your home – clutter, odor – but what should stay? Here are some things a savvy seller might consider leaving in their for-sale home.

Some furniture. Without it, potential buyers may get confused as to a room’s purpose, and have difficulty remembering the details of your property and envisioning themselves living in it. As well, imperfections in your walls and floors (like scuffs and stains) will be all the more noticeable in an empty room. Consider having your home staged if you can’t leave your own furniture in it.

Paperwork. For sellers of houses, this could mean an explanation of any improvements you’ve made that lower utility or other costs of running the home. For condo dwellers, this could mean a current condo newsletter and/or activity schedule, so buyers can see what life in your condominium has to offer. You can even consider leaving a note about a few things you’ve particularly enjoyed about living in this home and this area. Tell them, for instance, about those tucked-away hiking trails and that fantastic little restaurant nearby that they might not know about otherwise.

Photographs. If you’ve done any renovation work, you might want to put some before and after photos in an album so buyers can see the value you’ve added to the property. Similarly, provide some photos of your property’s exterior on a sunny spring day, for example, so buyers can see it at its best no matter what the conditions are like on the day they come to view it.


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