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Top Kitchen Upgrades To Do Before Selling Your Home

Blog by Joette Fielding | March 18th, 2016

Top Kitchen Upgrades.jpgIf you are ready to upgrade your kitchen, there is plenty to consider before you get started. If you plan to sell your home after you renovate, there are certain upgrades that can really pay off when it comes to the return on your investment and what homebuyers are looking for. Whether you demolish your current kitchen and begin from scratch, or just want to update certain aspects, these projects are a great place to begin.

New, energy efficient appliances are one area you simply can’t go wrong. High-end, stainless steel appliances are the biggest trend, and potential buyers love to see homes with the latest in dishwashers, refrigerators and stoves. While the appliances can cost a bundle, the investment is worth it as they also easily add value to the list price of a home. If you can’t replace them all at one time spread them out over several months or a couple of years. Newer appliances make for a great listing feature to catch buyers’ attention.

Cabinets are another major cost when it comes to renovation, but there are other ways to refresh the cabinets in your kitchen beyond replacing them. If the frames of your cabinets are in good shape, you can reface the doors, or paint them. New hardware is another easy and quick way to give your cabinets new life. With updated cabinets your whole kitchen can feel new.

A recent trend in new homes can also come into your own. Charging stations for your home provide a one stop hub for your tablets or smartphone, and all your other electronics. Having one in your kitchen makes for an easy hub the whole family can use. A drawer or cabinet can be modified to contain the station and usually pretty quickly. With more buyers looking for ready-made digital perks, this is one upgrade that will pay for itself quickly.

When it comes to impact, countertops can be one huge wow factor in your kitchen. While this can be a higher budget upgrade, there are a variety of options beyond granite. Tile counters can be cost effective and offer a variety of design options that make your kitchen stand out. Another option is butcher block, long popular for a classic look in the kitchen, though they do require regular maintenance. Updated counters can make a kitchen fresh and new.

The kitchen sink is another place for big impact in the kitchen. Like appliances, stainless steel sinks are the most popular type. If you can get one with a dual trough, the sink will be a great selling point for the practicality of it.  Even a new faucet upgrade can make a big impact. As the most used part of your kitchen, upgrading your sink will be worth the investment.

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