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The Best Lighting For Every Room

Blog by Joette Fielding | March 25th, 2015

How to choose the correct lighting.pngIf you're in the dark about how to choose the proper lighting for each room in your home, read on. Pick the right light fixtures with these tips and watch your space shine like never before.

The Kitchen

It's essential to give this household hotspot enough illumination. Pendant lights hung roughly 30-40 inches over an island are one of the most popular looks today. Along with task lighting, fluorescent under-cabinet lighting and recessed ceiling lights can be quite helpful when navigating around a kitchen.

The Entryway

Welcome guests -- and make a great first impression -- with a large hanging fixture in your foyer. Consider how the light will look from the second story if its viewable from above, and be sure to pick a chandelier that suits the size of the space.

The Living Room

Layered lighting in a living room is key. If the room doesn't already boast a large overhead fixture, portable table lamps and accent lights will work wonders. Consider setting up a spotlight on a piece of prized artwork, or adding a tall standing lamp behind a dark sitting area to instantly brighten the corner.

The Bathroom

Light a vanity mirror (and avoid as many shadows as possible) by placing overhead sconces near face level, or wall sconces on either side of the mirror. A small chandelier will turn heads in a powder room, and small pendants or sconces will help put the focus on the shower or any other area you desire.

The Bedroom

Bedroom lighting should reflect your use of the space. Opt for a stunning chandelier to amp up the decor of a dreamy hub, set up table lamps for nighttime bookworms, or install a dimmer to set the mood.

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