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Spotlight The Floor In Your Decor

Blog by Joette Fielding | March 12th, 2014

Spotlight The Floor In Your DecorThink about the first thing you notice when stepping into a room. Do you glance at the floor like most of us? This would make the floor in any décor imperative to that first impression.

While keeping up with the trends can be expensive, there are new and emerging ideas that can help homeowners make meaningful changes without breaking the bank. Armed with ideas and the right tools, a newly painted floor could be the most affordable – and the easiest – décor update this spring.

One of the decorating trends emerging in 2014 is the pattern design. A number of companies have been developing durable and long lasting floor paints, including a new hybrid called “FloorGuard”. Canadian manufacturer, Para Paints, tells us that it features the durability of an oil base, but gives you the easy, water cleanup of a latex paint.

“It is a premium quality, low VOC, high-gloss floor paint which is perfect for heavily trafficked areas,” says Gary Belfall, senior brand manager and spokesperson for the company.

With the sophistication of these new floor paints, consumers are becoming more creative with their décor ideas, whether it's implementing the highly coveted chevron pattern made popular in fashion, or using over-sized stencils (which can be made from large pieces of cardboard) to create a custom look.

“Finding inspiration has never been easier thanks to social media,” Belfall points out. “So as you begin, invest a little time in following the Pinterest boards of your favourite decorators and companies – including Para Paints, which has some beautiful ideas for painting your way to a new look – from the floor up.”

Tips For Perfectly Painted Wood Floors

Take a look at this checklist, courtesy of Para Paints:

Remove all carpet and nails.

Patch holes with wood filler and repair all broken/rotten areas.

Sand down the surface so it is ready to be primed.

To fully cover the wood knots, apply a coat of appropriate primer directly overtop so they won't bleed through the final layer of paint.

Once all of the knots are covered, lightly sand them and prime the entire surface.

Use a paint roller to cover large surfaces. Smaller paintbrushes can run the risk of the paint not applying evenly and it takes longer.

Make sure your floors are completely dry before removing painter's tape or stencils.

Content courtesy of www.newscanada.com


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