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Showing Day To-Do List

Blog by Joette Fielding | October 13th, 2015

Showing Day To-Do List.jpgYou keep your home clean and clutter-free the entire time it’s on the market, right? Of course you do! But below are a few chores that are “must-do” on any day your home will be shown to buyers.

§ First thing in the morning, make the bed(s) and make sure there’s no dirty laundry in sight. It requires a lot of suspension of disbelief, but buyers like to think no one’s actually living in the home they’re viewing.

§ After morning bathroom routines are finished, round up and hide toiletries – toothbrushes, razors, what’s left of bar soaps, all those bottles in the shower, even the just-used towels. Ensure counters and sinks are clean and toilet lids are down.

§ Finished breakfast? Now make sure that none of last night’s, last week’s, or this morning’s dirty dishes are on the counters or in the sink, and that the counters are spotlessly clean.

§ Let the light and air in. Open up all your window coverings (except the ones that would reveal an unsightly view) and interior doors, and turn on all the lights. Open up all the safe-to-open windows (unless they’d let in off-putting noise).

§ Make sure your thermostat’s set for temperatures that will be welcoming and comfortable given the day’s weather. Now’s not the time to skimp on utilities! Buyers will rush through the showing if they’re too cold or hot.

§ Empty all the garbage cans around your home, as well as any ashtrays, litter boxes, etc. You’ll be leaving before the buyer arrives, right? Of course you will! So you can take the garbage and litter out with you for disposal.


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