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Questions To Ask Your Home Inspector

Blog by Joette Fielding | October 9th, 2014

Questions To Ask Your Home InspectorAttending the home inspection is a great opportunity to learn more about a house you intend to buy. Here are some questions well worth asking during the inspection:

Can you show me? The language inspectors use can be confusing. Asking to see problems first hand is extremely helpful in clarifying your understanding, and gives you the opportunity to take pictures, video and notes as needed.

How serious is it? What sounds like a serious problem may not be and vice versa. This question will help you decide whether you still want the home and help you to prioritize repairs should you proceed with the purchase.

Who can fix it? Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn the problem is one you can easily remedy yourself.  Or maybe you’ll need to call in a specialist, in which case you’ll need to know what kind to contact.

How does it work? Inspectors are experts who are happy to demonstrate their knowledge. Asking them to show you how to shut off the gas, water and electricity can save you critical time in an emergency.

How could I make this house more livable? Your home inspector can help you identify areas of the house that could be improved to make it more livable and even save you money, like making it more energy efficient, for example.

Terminology Tip

SURVEY — An assessment of property lines summarized on a document that shows property boundaries and measurements. The survey specifies the location of buildings, fences and other improvements on the property, and states easements or encroachments that should be noted on the title of the property.


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