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Pet-Prepping Your Home For Sale

Blog by Joette Fielding | January 15th, 2015

Pet prepping your home for sale.pngThey may be our best friends, but when it comes to selling our homes, pets can be little saboteurs. Don’t let them put buyers off – pet-prep your property before it goes on the market.

Ideally, pets should be off-site while your home is for sale, for their safety and security, as well as your convenience and buyers’ benefit. Consider asking a friend or family member to take them in if possible, or have them boarded until your home sells.

Just as pets themselves should go, so should any trace of them. Round up pet-related clutter (toys, beds, bowls, carriers, litter boxes, etc.) and store it out of sight; sweep up kibble and litter; remove all pet hair from carpets and upholstery; and eliminate – don’t merely mask – any lingering odors.

If you’re not comfortable with or it’s not possible for your pets to stay elsewhere while your home is for sale, then secure them in a discreetly placed crate during showings (be sure to let your real estate salesperson know). Again, this is for their benefit as much as buyers, whose comings and goings can make some animals anxious, and provide opportunity for them to escape!

If your pets will remain at home until your property sells, you’ll have to work harder to keep your place clean, and free of clutter and odor. Sweeping floors, vacuuming upholstery, cleaning food bowls, and emptying litter boxes and garbage cans should be done daily, at least. Pack away all but the absolutely necessary accessories, and stow the rest out of sight before each showing.

Both house and condo owners need to take care of the in-home pet prep, while house owners must also remember to keep their home’s yard clear and free of any “evidence” that a potential buyer may step in en route to the front door!


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