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Packing Tips From The Pros

Blog by Joette Fielding | June 5th, 2014

imagesG0P87SSB.jpgConsistently ranked as one of the top five stressful life situations, moving is just one of those tasks that hasn’t gotten any easier with the march of time.  Each wine glass, plate, photo frame and knick knack must be carefully wrapped in packing paper, beds must be dismantled and each and every box must be transferred out of the home an onto a truck, only to be carried off again in quick succession and unpacked.  It’s a mind-numbing process.

If you have ever watched professional movers pack up a house, you know that there is definitely a right way of doing things.  A team of three or four pros can have an entire 3 bedroom home packed up in half a day.  But the service is quite pricey.

If hiring a professional packing company isn’t in the budget, take a look at these pro packer tips and get things done quickly and correctly.

  1. Begin with one room and stick with it until everything that can be packed is packed.
  2. Use strong, corrugated boxes with tops that fold flat.
  3. Have all of your supplies on hand before you start: plastic bags for small parts, screws etc., kraft paper for wrapping, heavy duty packaging tape (don’t use masking tape), markers, adhesive labels and an X-Acto knife.
  4. Plan on packing a few cartons every day, starting at least a few weeks before moving day.
  5. Mark boxes immediately after sealing and be specific on its contents.
  6. Keep each box under 50 lbs. but do not under fill.  Use a smaller box for heavy items.
  7. Before packing extremely fragile items like dishes and stemwear, create a layer of crumpled packing paper on the bottom of the box and again at the top of the box before sealing.
  8. Leave packed boxes in the room in which you packed them.  Don’t pile all the boxes near the front door.
  9. Have a few boxes set aside for last minute items from your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.
  10. Invest in some hanging boxes (you can buy them from any moving company) for your clothing.   Saves a ton of time and hassle!


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