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Mould - The Menace In The Attic

Blog by Joette Fielding | January 31st, 2014

Mould - The Menace In The AtticThere has been a lot in the news in the past few years concerning mould in our homes and what to do about it, particularly with the summer floods in Toronto and Alberta. As a result, we have become better educated about mould's impact on our health and property value.

What to do about the mould we can't see?

One area where mould can grow unnoticed is in the attic. But this is one ‘out-of-sight' problem that should never be ‘out-of-mind'.

Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Quite the opposite! That’s why home inspectors take time to open the attic and check for mould growth, poor ventilation, evidence of roof leaks and other structural issues.

Mould in an attic space is most often caused by one of two factors; a leak that allows unwanted moisture in, or because moisture is building up in the attic. There are various clues to be found to indicate a problem such a general blackening of the roof underside and rafters and darkening of the insulation itself.

Some of the root causes of mould in the attic can be fixed by a DIY'ers, but most are best left to professionals with the proper experience, know-how and equipment. Working on a roof or in an attic is dangerous in itself. Doing so with heavy shingles or large sheets of plywood can be deadly.

Here are a few of the most common
Causes and Cures  of mould in the attic:

1. Blocked soffit vents

2. Insufficient roof vents

3. Roof leaks

4. Bathroom fans and dryer vents exhausting into the attic space

5. Step-flashing leaks

6. Plumbing vent stacks, attic vents

7. Chimneys

8. Plugged Gable vents

9. Holes

10. Improperly installed pot lights

Hidden Damages:

In addition to identifying and rectifying the cause of the mould-growth problem itself, if the problem has been ongoing for years, there may also be hidden damage that needs attention, such as:  Delamination, Structural rot, and Premature shingle breakdown. If the home inspection reveals these issues, it is best to make sure you understand the inspectors' recommendations and discuss the next steps before contacting a qualified contractor to repair. If you aren't moving any time soon, get to know your attic. Open the hatch once a year and look for changes.

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