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Marble Is For Anyone And Everywhere

Blog by Joette Fielding | May 13th, 2015

Marble.jpgThink marble is only for the kitchen, the bathroom, or the outrageously wealthy?

Think again! For modern marble, there are few if any rules about how to use it. Follow my tips for how to work with this sought-after material and get a rock-solid look for your next renovation.

Must-have marble

Marble can be one of the most budget-busting materials but the unique luxe appeal can really enrich a room, or even a whole home.

To satisfy your craving for marble on a budget, consider using it for a bathroom vanity top or backsplash (especially in a powder room), where the amount of material needed will be relatively low compared to a full kitchen counter.

Tip: Alternately, consider applying a marble backsplash to just a small area, such as the space between the range and rangehood, a single wall, or as a short backsplash a few inches tall.

Then use sleek white subway tiles for the remaining walls, and the precious stone will be the star of the show.

Water under the bridge

Although most marble tile is naturally porous and must be properly sealed (more on that in a minute), you can safely use it in wet areas when prepared correctly.

The larger concern for most natural stones is the tendency to absorb oil-based stains, so avoid storing oily products directly on the marble.

In the shower, this where a niche lined in a contrast tile saves the day.

Tip: Clean up spills on marble quickly but don’t overreact by using harsh household cleaners. Mild soap and water will typically do the trick, with a mixture of water, gentle stone cleanser, and flour making a good poultice for absorbing many accidental oil stains.

Sealing the deal

Most forms of stone require a sealant to prevent moisture from creeping in, and this is typically applied by the installer.

Always check with your stone supplier for their installation and maintenance recommendations, and ask to keep some of the sealing product — reapplying a few times after installation will often make sure it’s thoroughly absorbed (following supplied directions).

Tip: Sealant can affect the exact look of a stone, often making the final look a touch darker and richer (often in a positive way). Make sure the samples you review when choosing a material are already sealed, so you have a more accurate picture of the final effect—or in a pinch, simulate a sealed look by getting the tiles wet.

Seamless beauty

If you are ready to embrace wall-to-wall marble, oversized tiles paired with a matching grout is the best way to achieve a seamless, haute-couture look.

Offset the tiles in a simple brick layout (with a 1/2 to 1/3 offset) and the stone surface will appear to blend into one singular and powerful statement.

Tip: I always recommend choosing a less expensive—but authentic—stone, or tiling only a few walls of a bathroom, over accepting a faux-stone finish. Simply fill empty walls with a slab-mirror and clean paint, and the beauty of a true stone tile will elevate the look of your space.

Get busy

On the opposite end of the size spectrum, a marble mosaic creates a unique look by breaking up the graining for a more dynamic effect.

Pale marble varieties like calaccata with soft grey veining will look richer this way without getting too busy, perfect for an elegant bathroom floor or feminine backsplash.

Tip: As Danielle from Sarana Tile points out, “if you have a small space, you may not be able to see the whole pattern” with large tile formats.

This is why simpler mosaics like a chic hexagon or classic herringbone work well for tight bathroom floors and short backsplashes, with an easy elegance that works every time.

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