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Inspection Insight: Swimming Pool Safety

Blog by Joette Fielding | July 31st, 2015

Swimming Pool Safety.jpgEvery year, hundreds of children drown in residential swimming pools. In addition, there are thousands of children that suffer near drowning.

The statistics show that drowning and near drowning of children in residential pools is happening at an alarming rate. There is a common theme to these accidents: Most of the drownings and near drownings happened while the child was being supervised by one or both parents; 69 percent of the children were not expected to be in or near the pool, but were found drowned or submerged in the water; 77 percent of the accident victims had been missing for five minutes or less when they were found in the pool.

Young children and toddlers move faster than you think. Drowning and near drowning can happen in an instant.

Swimming pool drownings are silent. You won’t hear a call for help.

The consensus among experts is that the best way to improve these statistics is through construction and maintenance of effective barriers to prevent access to the pool area. Shrubs are not an acceptable barrier. The barrier should prevent a child from climbing over, crawling under or passing through.

Door From House to Pool Area
Where the wall of the house makes up part of the barrier, there is usually a door that leads from the house directly into the pool area. This door should have an alarm that sounds when opened.

The gate to the pool area should be self closing and self latching and should have a locking mechanism. The latch should be located out of reach of children. In addition, the gate should open out from the pool area so that a toddler leaning on an almost latched gate will close the gate.

Barrier Height
The barrier (fence) should be at least 48 inches high. Look for anything that could negate the height of the barrier such as a bench, storage bin or tree next to the barrier.

Pool Safety Covers
A power safety cover can be used to increase the safety of the pool. When in place, these covers will prevent

kids from falling into an unattended pool. These are not standard pool covers.

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