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How to Stain a Deck

Blog by Joette Fielding | July 16th, 2013

How To Stain A DeckDecks take on a lot of wear and tear – everything from rain to sleet, snow, sun and humidity. Staining your deck properly can protect it from these harsh environmental elements while providing a sleek look. The key to a long-lasting stain is all in the preparation and proper technique. Whether you’re consulting a professional or doing it yourself, check out these expert tips on the topic to ensure it’s done right.

Note: If you’re re-staining an old deck, begin at step one. If you’re staining a new deck, begin at step three.

Step 1: Test the Waters
Use this simple trick to test if your deck needs to be re-stained: drop water on a few areas around your deck. If the water soaks in, it’s time to re-stain.

Step 2: Strip Off the Old Stain
Use a stain remover to strip off the old stain on your deck.

Step 3: Clean the Wood
Cleaning your deck is the first step in maintaining the longevity of the wood stain. Begin by scrubbing the wood with a wood cleaner to remove dirt and contaminants. This will ensure optimum stain penetration and a beautiful finish. Next, rinse off your deck with a hose to remove any chemicals.

Step 4: Sand the Wood
If there are small stains on your deck that the wood cleaner did not remove, eliminate them with a sander. You should also sand your deck if it has never been previously stained, or if your deck is worn and the wood fibers are pulling off.

Step 5: Test the Stain
As common practice with any paint project, test a small area with your chosen stain before you paint the whole deck to ensure you’ll like the final results.

Step 6: Get Your Paintbrush
Use a paintbrush to stain your deck, opposed to a roller. The fine bristles will ensure the stain gets into all the nooks and crannies of every piece of wood.

Step 7: Paint
Paint the railings and posts first to prevent the paint from dripping on lower finished surfaces. Next, paint the main surface of the deck. When painting a wood board, try not to stop in the middle to ensure an even application. Let the deck dry and your stain is complete!

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