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How To Save Money When Remodeling

Blog by Joette Fielding | November 10th, 2014

How to save money when remodelingHome renovations make sense for homeowners ready for a change and sometimes for those getting ready to put their properties up for sale.  And since each home is in its own state of repair, the scope of renovation projects varies, accounting for major overhauls and minor touch-ups. 

Budgets are accordingly tied to the depth of needs and the contractors required to get the job done.  Within most home improvement projects, however, there is room for homeowners to get involved, furnishing some of the labor and creativity needed to complete remodeling efforts. Contributing is not only rewarding for homeowners who have a stake in the dramatic transformations made to their homes, but active participation also yields substantial savings, when compared to the cost of hiring jobs out to professionals.

When remodeling, it is important to operate within your means - both financially and in terms of your skill level.  Paying a contractor to correct your mistakes defeats the purpose of getting involved, so if you are not familiar with a process or procedure, it may be best left to a trained professional from the start.  At the same time, there are a number of ways to expand your abilities, including free demonstrations offered by home improvement retailers, online instruction via YouTube and other channels, and good old fashioned research supplied by books and manuals dedicated to home renovation.  Ultimately, it is up to you to find a comfort level that gets results and saves you money.

As you craft your remodeling blueprints, pay close attention to the renovations yielding the most bang for your buck.  And to save the most money possible, take an active approach to home beautification, using these accessible strategies to transform your living space.

Low-Cost Updates Include Fresh Paint

Home renovations fall across a wide range of techniques, from full-on expansions to cosmetic improvements.  One of the least expensive ways to have an impact on residential aesthetics is to add a fresh coat of paint to your home.  While exterior projects may require outside help, interior painting is within most homeowners' capabilities.  And if you are unable to do it yourself, hiring housepainters is also an economical home improvement strategy - though it will set you back a bit more than a do-it-yourself effort.

For the cost of a few gallons of paint, it is possible to transform interior rooms without entirely disrupting your lifestyle.  Using proper gear and protective drop cloths, rooms are quickly transformed with professional-looking results.  Whether you elect for a dramatic color change or simply refresh the existing colors within your home, the impact is immediately felt, as spaces take-on entirely new dimensions.

Creative painting techniques, like texturing or sponge painting, help hide blemishes and imperfections, as well as offering distinct looks.  In fact, there is nothing limiting your creativity completing do-it-yourself painting projects - another advantage of self-inspired renovation solutions.

Lighting Changes Create Distinctive Interiors

Changing the way your home is lit can have a substantial impact on interior ambience. Window coverings, for example, control the amount and orientation of light entering your home, so updating blinds and draperies changes the feel of your home's interior.  At the same time, artificial lighting provided by installed fixtures and freestanding lamps can also be adjusted to create a refreshed sense of style.  And with the variety of bulb options available today, changing the lighting in your home can be accomplished without spending much money.

Fresh paint and lighting updates are only two of the many money saving strategies available to DIY homeowners looking for a change.  These and other low-cost home improvements have dramatic impacts, without wrecking renovation budgets.

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