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How To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Blog by Joette Fielding | October 8th, 2014

Make A House Feel Like HomeMoving day has come and gone; you’ll be unpacking and decorating for months. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to make your new house or condo feel a little more like home.

Maintain your routines. When your surroundings change, it’s important for you, your kids and even your pets to remember you haven’t changed. So be consistent: make a point of honoring the same rituals – bedtime(s), mealtimes, appointments such as date night or family game night – in your new home as you did in your old one.

Make sure everybody’s “comfort items” are at the ready upon arrival in your new home. For a toddler, that may be a certain stuffed animal and for you it could be a favorite coffee mug. This tip is a lot easier to follow if you pay these items special attention while packing for your move – make sure they’re easily accessible!

Carve out a sanctuary space. Setting up your new home is a lengthy process. In the short term, make a priority of establishing one room, or even a corner of a room, with all the creature comforts. Ideally, this space is a relaxing retreat from cleaning, repairing, unpacking and all the other stresses that are part of settling into a new home.

Get outside and explore – on foot. Walking is the best way to get your bearings in a new setting; you won’t be distracted, you can dawdle, and you’ll be able to go places you can’t by car, all of which means you’ll see more. Discover your new favorite café or find the local gym so you can return to your pre-move routines.


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