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How to Choose The Right Chandelier

Blog by Joette Fielding | November 11th, 2013

How To Choose The Right ChandelierLight fixtures complete the composition of a room, and chandeliers in particular add immense value to a foyer, bedroom, dining room, living room or bathroom. Chandeliers are some of the most fun – and challenging fixtures to choose – so, to increase the fun and minimize the challenge, here are some tips to consider when you're shopping for that perfect chandelier.


You probably have a good idea what style your room is – traditional, contemporary, modern or eclectic. Your light fixture should fall within the parameters of your room's design scheme, but don't cling too tightly to style rules. Yes, a large drum shade would look stunning in a contemporary space, but with today's vast selection of fixtures you could also find a crystal chandelier with a contemporary edge that would work just as handily. Conversely, if you have a traditional space, edging towards something more modern might give your room the dynamic twist it needs to really sparkle. Pay attention to your instincts when shopping for a chandelier, if you come across one that fits the style but leaves you cold, keep walking until you find one that speaks to you. 

Get Inspired

Before you shop, gather inspiration from magazines and websites and take three to five photos with you on your excursions – it's a good idea to have a photo of your own room too. Show the photos to your lighting salesperson and tell them in general terms what you're looking for. Lighting professionals are passionate about lighting and usually have years of experience, making them uniquely qualified to help you zero in on several options that could work in your space. 

Light Bright

Once you've got the style down, consider how much light you need this chandelier to provide. Perhaps it's one of several light sources in a dining room or bedroom, and so brightness does not need to be a priority consideration. On the other hand, if the chandelier is the only light in your foyer, the amount of light your fixture provides is very important – the last thing you want is a dimly-lit foyer – the first space guests will see once they enter your home. When in doubt always go with more light potential, you can always dim down or replace bulbs with lower watt alternatives. 

Size Matters

his is often the part of light shopping that clients feel is most perplexing – how big should my chandelier be? A general rule of thumb is this: add your room dimensions (in feet) together to come up with the general diameter of your fixture (in inches): if your room is 12' x 12', your light fixture should be about 24” in diameter. If the light you love only comes is 22” or 28”, size up. A slightly larger fixture will always work better visually than a smaller one. Smaller fixtures throw off the proportions of a room and can look diminutive and silly, whereas slightly over-sized fixtures command presence, and look more natural and stylish. 

Think About Maintenance

Your new chandelier will require your attention several times a year, for bulb changes and the occasional wipe down or dusting. If your fixture is more than seven feet above the ground, consider having a motorized lift installed. A lift moves your fixture down to a safe, accessible height for maintenance and the units are invisible because they are housed in the ceiling above the fixture. Motorized lifts are usually controlled by a switch or key switch located out of sight, often in a closet, to keep it out of reach of children and avoid accidental activation by unsuspecting adults. Many units also come with a remote control option. Power to the fixture is automatically shut-off once lowered, and restored once raised to its usual position. As beautiful as you chandelier might be, it's not worth the risk of injury from climbing up on a tall ladder to perform regular maintenance duties, and as motorized lifts become more affordable they are an option that should be top-of-mind. 

Take a little time and enjoy the process of choosing your chandelier, a beautiful fixture will give your room a high-end, sophisticated look and will be something you'll enjoy for years to come.

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