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How To Choose An Electric Fireplace

Blog by Joette Fielding | December 6th, 2013

How To Choose An Electric FireplaceThe simple idea of a cold fall night leads to thoughts of cozying up in front of a toasty-warm crackling fire, but wait you don’t have a fireplace. And the price to install one is enough to terminate the dream. Fortunately, for a fraction of the cost of both traditional and gas units, home dwellers can count on electric fireplaces as an option. With no mess, maintenance or fuss, choosing the right fireplace is just a few steps away.

 Determine where you would like to position the fireplace, keeping in mind, it’s typically the focal point of a room.

2. Carefully, consider your space and find something to suit the décor. Think of style, scale, color and the type of unit that will be ideal in the space.

3. Look for innovative fireplaces that encompass everything on your checklist and offer a superior flame and warmth.

4. Electric units are simply plug-and-play, but make sure you have an outlet within reach and shop for units that use lower wattage. Some units draw less than a hairdryer!

5. Go shopping.

6. Open the box, plug it in, and enjoy the warmth.

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