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How To Choose A Hot Tub

Blog by Joette Fielding | April 3rd, 2013

What's the Best Hot Tub for Your Home?Hot Tubs

A residential hot tub can transform a home into a vacation destination all year round. When you decide to join the thousands across Canada already enjoying the benefits of hot tubs, you will first need to choose between the different styles currently available.

Portable hot tubs can be easily relocated within a yard or to a new property.  These one-piece units are available in a variety of water jet configurations and seating arrangements. They feature acrylic or composite shells and conceal plumbing and mechanical elements behind a finished cabinet. Portable tub sizes vary significantly, accommodating anywhere from two to more than 10 people at a time. They can be fitted with hundreds of different accessories from TVs to lighting and are simple and quick to install.

Often similar to portable units, built-in hot tubs are recessed into a custom enclosure in a deck or floor. They can feature acrylic shells or a concrete base with a mosaic tile finish. The latter allows homeowners to choose the size, shape and design of the tub, matching personal preference and existing décor.  This style of tub boasts easier access and a more elegant design but can be difficult to repair or relocate.

For the purist, classic wooden-style hot tubs are still produced by some manufacturers. Made from staves of cedar or redwood, these tubs add a wonderful rustic look to any setting. Many modern wooden models come with built-in liners that help extend their life expectancy.

Swim spas are some of the largest hot tub models available. They are ideal for homeowners who want the benefits of both a pool and a hot tub despite space restrictions. The defining feature of a swim spa is the powerful, fully adjustable main jet that pumps a stream of water allowing swimmers to swim in place. These long rectangular shells can be finished with a custom cabinet or set into a floor or deck.

More information on this topic is available online at www.poolcouncil.ca.

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