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House Hunting Battle Of The Sexes

Blog by Joette Fielding | November 14th, 2014

After doing some research and asking a range of people of different ages and genders, we wanted to find out if there is a difference between what men and women look for when buying a house. Here are the results:

 House Hunting Battle Of The Sexes

The Results

It’s obvious that men think they wear the trousers but in actual fact, most of the men questioned said that woman have the final decision on the house. Although women seem to think different, 75% said they believe that buying a house is a joint decision. It’s also interesting to note that woman value emotional factors more than men, who value security more.

What else is interesting, how about that 28% of men want a game room or man cave! Or that 36% of woman want a walk in wardrobe!

Overall though, the aspects of a house that appealed to both sexes more than anything else is the location size and how much natural light enters the property.

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