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Hot Trends For The Cold Season

Blog by Joette Fielding | November 13th, 2015

Hot trends for the cold season.jpgThis fall has certainly been unpredictable so far, bouncing between summer and winter from one day to the next. To keep your home consistently warm, up-to-date, and yet timeless, here’s some of my top fall/winter trends that you can count on sticking around. Incorporate these trends into your home by picking up unique items at a furniture or home accessories store!

Organic Tension

During my recent visit to the Maison et Objet show in Miami, I noticed a cutting-edge trend of organic versus modern tension, spotting many creative furniture pieces that mixed modern lines and materials with organic character—even integrating living plant-life into tables and chairs! Bring this next-level design trend home by using greenery to bring every space to life.

Some ideas to try:

  • Growing herbs in an inset space in your island or dining table;
  • Including mini-planters in your backsplash tile (or use old paint cans as hanging planters);
  • Creating a mini “green wall” by displaying some potted plants in a small niche;
  • Adding “air plants” anywhere (as they can live outside of soil with just the occasional misting).

Turns out you don’t have to stick to a single kitchen style! Whether you love modern, traditional or contemporary, adding a little green means adding another layer of dimension without taking away from the kitchen itself!

Surprising Texture

More and more people are embracing rich textures—it’s a great way to add warmth and a sense of welcoming to any space, even in places you might not expect, like the kitchen or bath. Try materials like river-rock, cement, or hammered metal to add touch-me texture even where no fabrics are present.

Visual texture is important, too. Woods with bold grains add a sense of natural pattern which can break up clean monochromatic surfaces, even though the surface is smooth. For a similar effect also try rich-veined marble or stone, or a contrast-tone grout between tiles.

When it comes to your home’s decor, you have so many options in terms of mixing materials. Mixing is NOT out of style!

Treating Your Walls

People have rediscovered the beauty of wallpaper, but there are other ways to dress up your walls. Ski chalet style is always in fashion, so consider applying bands of moulding to add lasting drama.

For a contemporary approach, use parallel bands of wood moulding (try 3/4” half-round). To keep it classic, try neoclassical-inspired moulding to form rectangular patterning. The investment now will add a look of wealth to your home that lasts and lasts.

Adding texture to the walls is also a great way to add a visual element to any room.

Going Blue

We tend to connect warm colours with summer and cool colours with fall, but lately bold blues are being associated with tropical destinations and sunny beaches instead of icicles. To keep your space feeling the heat in all 4 seasons, try a vibrant shade like Benjamin Moore’s Delphinium (#CC-872) or go South-Beach saturated with accents in Largo Teal (#742).

For a more neutral approach, warm gray is still a great bet, pairing with sumptuous woods and clean whites equally well.

Wood Wonders

Don’t forget to add something to every space that feels like a special treat, whether it’s a splurge or just a piece with real personality or flair. Another hot trend I spotted at Maison et Objet was the continued return of intricate wood details on everything from parquet floors (yes, they’re coming back!) to carved wood chairs and parquet-inspired cocktail tables.

If you aren’t blessed with wood floors (or aren’t ready to bring parquet back into your life), look for ways to bring wood in through lamp bases, wall treatments, woodblock coffee tables, or hand-carved accessories. It always adds a unique sense of life that never goes out style.

Whether it’s on the wall, as a salad bowl or coffee table, wood is classic and timeless. Incorporate it into your home in any of these ways!

Here’s your takeaway…

  1. Mash-up contemporary and modern style with organic elements for a lively balance.
  2. Move on from ultra-minimalism and introduce textures like hammered metal to warm up the bathroom or kitchen.
  3. Dress your walls in the trendy-timeless style of decorative mouldings.
  4. Try a beachy blue shade as your new year-round electric heater.
  5. A standard straight-lay hardwood floor isn’t the only way to add welcoming wood! Try traditional parquet, or wood accents in unique furniture.

Want to get these looks in your home? It’s time to do some shopping! 


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