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Finishes And Upgrades That Pay Off

Blog by Joette Fielding | April 13th, 2016

lawlor-features-finishes-hero.jpgNew condominium shoppers in the GTA are among the luckiest in the world, as we enjoy a unique standard of features and finishes that are included in our purchase price. By North American standards, the appointments that come with GTA condo suites are far and beyond what builders offer south of the border. In fact, today’s standard features are so luxurious that buyers often do not feel they have to upgrade to create surroundings that satisfy their taste and aesthetic sensibility.

You may well benefit from upgrades that will make your suite even more beautiful, comfortable and potentially worth more if and when you decide to sell. And if you do opt to purchase some upgrades and have the budget to indulge, the choices are incredible. Kitchen gadgets, beautiful stones, sumptuous hardwood… the possibilities are exciting.

When it comes to upgrades, focus on the kitchen and bath(s) first, because these typically net you the best return on investment in the long run.

Your kitchen options alone are amazing. I have seen gorgeous cabinetry with glass fronts for displaying collected dishware and glassware, extended islands, cornice mouldings, quiet self-closing drawers, wine fridges, pasta water taps and the like. And bathrooms – think luxurious spas with marble flooring, rainwater shower heads, soaker tubs and pampering, pampering, pampering.

Aside from kitchens and baths, look carefully at your flooring options. If hardwood is not included in your standard features, you may want to upgrade to include it. You and future buyers will appreciate the healthy aspects of wood over carpeting. Wood floors are easy to clean, and the range of colours and textures is phenomenal. In today’s open-concept layouts, wood floors can be topped with area rugs to delineate space and add visual interest.

By virtue of our stringent Ontario Building Code, new condominiums are built to a higher energy-efficiency standard than ever before, but you may find that your builder offers extra upgrades that can be considered Green. Again, look at the advantages these elements add to lifestyle and value, and decide whether the upgrades lie within your budget and are important to you.


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