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Final Walk Through Checklist

Blog by Joette Fielding | November 27th, 2015

Final Walk Through.jpgBefore packing up the truck and moving into your new spot, a final walkthrough of your soon-to-be house with your real estate agent is extremely important.  The closing process is not complete without this crucial step.  Having your real estate agent there will also help insist the corrections of the walkthrough and give you a second eye while checking the perimeter. Here is a list of items to check before closing the sale completely, having a pre-made list will make a homebuyer confident that everything is up to standard.

1. Check over all light fixtures by switching them on and off.

2. Check the heating and cooling systems that they are working properly

3. Look over all faucets, tubs and sinks to make sure they still work and drain properly.

4. Turn all appliances on and make sure they are installed and work properly such as the dishwasher, the oven, washing machine, dryer, and toilets

5. Be sure to check over the repairs of that were agreed to after inspection

6. Make sure the home is in broom clean condition with all belongings and trash removed.

7. Inspect that there are no new cracks or dents in the wall or floors from the seller's movers.

Once you have walked through the house and have checked for any missing parts, be sure to have your agent remind the seller of necessary things to leave behind.

1. Alarm codes and manuals

2. Warranties and manuals on appliances

3. All garage door openers and keys

Having a checklist of items to look for and double check will really improve the accuracy of the closing process as well as allow you to be prepared for what to expect during the final move in.  Not only should you as a homebuyer look at this list and check off each item, you should also be sure to look over all paperwork and contract information.  Each deal may have specific and unique agreements within them so be sure to update your checklist according to your contract.  


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