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Entryways Create Big Impact On Buyers

Blog by Joette Fielding | March 31st, 2014

Create A Welcoming EntrywayCreating curb appeal is the first step to attracting buyers into your home, especially those that happen to see your for sale sign out front while browsing the neighbourhood. It's logical that how appealing your front yard is would determine how likely buyers are to step inside and explore the rest of your home.

The entryway is an area that can often be overlooked since, generally speaking, people don't spend a lot of time there - rather they pass through it. But it is usually the second area that buyers will see. How your entryway looks should set a tone and convey a welcoming message to buyers. It should entice them to want to see more right away.

Make your entryway a defined space

You can do this with colour or with physical objects such as plants or even furniture, if the entryway is big enough. Place a unique and colourful rug in the entryway that can complement the bold colour of the walls.

Create a sitting area

Your entryway may not be very wide or big but, if possible, create a place with a long, narrow bench for people to sit and put on or take off their shoes. It's also a place to stack books and bags that you don't want family members to forget to take with them. When you're showcasing your home, you can draw attention to this area by placing a few brochures or flyers about your home. You can place them on one end so buyers have room to sit and take in the experience of entering your home for a moment. Having the printed materials here will also help to remind buyers to take one with them when they leave.

Use furniture that has storage space

Try a hanging wall unit that has hooks for jackets and scarves. Then beneath it you can have a small bench. Having hooks to hang sweaters is a great way to keep the area clutter-free. If you're showing your home during the winter months, this will come in handy as people will want to remove their layers of clothing before heading in to see the rest of your home. This will help make them more comfortable by not having to carry around a bunch of jackets as they browse your home. Also, if you have a bench with an opening beneath it you can place a pair of shoes there with a sign asking buyers to remove their shoes before touring your home. It's a good idea to have those disposable booties that they can wear over their shoes instead of removing their shoes.

Keep the rug clean by painting a runner on the floor

May sound unusual but it can be very difficult to keep an area rug such as a runner clean, especially in an entryway. A trick is to paint a runner on the floor instead. It is less of a headache to clean and creates an optical illusion of a runner.

Whatever you do, remember that the entryway should feel open, inviting, and create a desire to further explore your home. Think of your entryway as the way you would like to personally welcome your guests as they come into your home. It's a chance to let your buyers see the warmth and good times that you've had in your beautiful home.

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