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Dealing With Cold Weather In An Older Home

Blog by Joette Fielding | January 23rd, 2014

Dealing With Cold Weather In An Older HomeOlder homes carry a lot of appeal. They often have architectural features that are lost to the ages and are made out of sturdy and beautiful woods that can send an owner back in time each time they step through their front door.  But older homes also come with problems and a lot of them are highlighted when the weather cools down as fall and winter arrive. These are common issues with older homes that should be addressed and corrected so that your focus is on friends, family and holidays and not on home repairs.

Many older homes come with beautiful glasswork and even original window panes. Unfortunately, these drafty, single-pane windows allow heat to escape, wasting energy and money. While replacement windows can be expensive, they are often the most effective way to increase energy efficiency and comfort. The cost of replacing windows may seem daunting but consider how much extra money on winter heating and summer cooling you will save with new, fully insulated windows.

Insulation overall can be a problem in older homes and inadequate insulation should be supplemented with additional insulation, particularly in attics, which are usually relatively easy to access. To ascertain how much insulation you need, check with local sources to determine if minimum insulation ratings (R-values) are required in your area for new homes and then meet or exceed those levels in your older home if you can.

Finally, outdated water pipes can cause huge problems if cold temperatures cause them to freeze or burst. Older pipes made of galvanized steel, iron or lead may need to be replaced if they are not in good condition. Replacement options include copper or CPVC.

Assessing the correct repairs for your home can be a confusing process, so calling on a professional home inspector is another cost that pays for itself. It can be a huge weight off a homeowner’s shoulders to have a trained professional inspect your home and help you prioritize your repairs and replacements. Making the correct repairs at the right time means a warm, cosy and peaceful winter for you and your older home.

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