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Consumer Reports' Top Trends For The Home

Blog by Joette Fielding | February 10th, 2015

Home Trends 2015.jpgFurther proof that everyone is keyed into interior design, home renovations, and the hottest trends in both, attendance for the International Builder Show (IBS) in Las Vegas this year was up eight percent over last year to 55,237. IBS features more than 1,200 exhibitors showcasing "everything from the latest in kitchen and bath design to millwork,"said Consumer Reports, who detailed the top trends for 2015 based on what they witnessed at the event.

One of the top trends that stood out to them: the handle-less kitchen. Picture streamlined kitchens with no hardware on the cabinets and no handles or knobs on appliances or fixtures.

A example: "Miele's Generation 6000 line of dishwashers, available in April, uses a patented ‘Knock2Open' technology," said Consumer Reports. "Instead of reaching for a lever, you simply knock twice and the dishwasher door swings open. You still have to close the appliance by hand, but the innovation makes for an ultra-clean dishwasher design, especially since all the buttons and controls sit just inside the door."

Products that cater to the growing foodie trend are popular. Those who are obsessed with the next big thing in the kitchen, or with "Top Chef," will appreciate GE's Sous Vide Accessory that Consumer Reports calls "one of the buzziest adaptations for 2015." It can be added to new GE Profile, GE Café, and GE Monogram induction cooktops.

Fire features in the backyard are hot, which makes sense considering that "nearly half of all millennials have (one) in their outdoor space, according to new data unveiled at the show by Better Homes & Gardens."

Continuing the trend of indoor-outdoor living that has been popular over the last few years, new products that blur inside and out are garnering interest. The Ultimate Clad Multi-Slide Door can be up to 50-feet wide and 12-feet tall.

Customization is another strong theme, with items like Frigidaire's new Gallery top freezer, the first of its kind that lets you choose from 100 different organization systems depending on your needs. It also comes with features not common on top-freezers, including LED lighting and smudge-proof stainless steel. Kohler's spa-inspired DTV+ systemtakes customization into the bathroom, allows users to personalize "every aspect of your showering experience, including water temperature and intensity, steam treatment, lighting, and even sound" via the touch screen interface.

A few more of our personal favorites from the Consumer Reports list: The Haiku with SenseME Technology from Big Ass Fans, a smart ceiling fan that "turns on and off automatically when you enter and leave the room, adjusts fan speeds according to the room's temperature, and even learns your comfort preferences, tailoring fan speeds accordingly." And don't forget the PureFresh Toilet from Kohler, with a built-in carbon filter that neutralizes odors, plus an integrated fan that directs the filtered air over a scent pack located within the system." It's about time!

Do any of these hot new items get you excited about renovating?

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