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Classic And Practical Remodeling Projects For Best ROI

Blog by Joette Fielding | December 17th, 2015

Remodel for Best ROI.jpgEveryone tells us the 2 most important areas to concentrate on when remodeling your home is your kitchen and master bathroom. There is no question buyers are looking for these 2 areas to be updated. However don’t discount the practical buyer who also can be swayed by four other remolding projects that won’t break your pocketbook and adds value while giving you a good return on your investment:

1. Front door overhaul

Remember your front door is like the cover on a book – it suggests what you might find on the inside. If your front door is hard to open, looks outdated you might want to consider a replacement to offer a more positive first impression. If it isn’t in need of replacement consider a fresh coat of paint or refinishing and add new hardware. This enhancement could net you a 75% return on investment.

2. Replace Windows

If your windows are not energy efficient it’s time to replace them which will also give your home an updated look! Energy efficient windows are high on Buyers wish lists and will give you a 72% return on your investment.

3. Update and Enhance your Lighting

If your home lacks sufficient lighting then it’s time to consider replacing lighting fixtures and/or add recessed lighting to kitchen and living room areas. Buyers love bright rooms and want to see plenty of lighting.

4. Organize your closets

Storage is high on the list for buyers. If your home has small closets then consider closet organizers. A cluttered closet only draws attention to small closet storage. This easy remodel changes the function of your closet and appeals more to home buyers concern with storage space.

Whether you are staying in your home or thinking of selling these four classic remodeling projects are easy, cost-efficient and will give you a considerable return on your investment.

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