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Cabinetry Cures For Every Budget

Blog by Joette Fielding | April 2nd, 2015

kitchen-cabinets-506.jpgKitchens and bathrooms are arguably the most important rooms in a home, and their cabinetry is their focal point. Do you have cabinetry that’s looking worse for wear or is just plain outdated? If so, rest assured there’s a makeover method to suit every budget and need.

If your cabinetry is structurally sound (solid joinery, doors and drawers open and close as they should) and there are no signs of water damage or excessive wear and tear (rot, cracks), then there’s likely no need to spend your money replacing it entirely, as your cabinetry is a good candidate for refurbishing. Let’s look at your options:

§ Refinishing. This is a great option if you like everything about your cabinetry but the color or finish. It’s certainly the cheapest way to give your cabinetry a facelift, but as it involves stripping, sanding, and painting or staining, refinishing can be labor intensive, time consuming, and messy. Keep in mind your cabinetry must be in great shape (surface prep is key!); not all materials take paint well (wood is good, laminate isn’t); and it’s harder to lighten cabinetry than darken it.

§ Refacing. This involves installing new (or veneering over) door and drawer fronts, and veneering the visible parts of cabinet boxes. Even if you hire a professional for the job, refacing is substantially cheaper than replacing your cabinets. Unlike refinishing, you can completely change your cabinetry’s style, giving you greater freedom to shake up the look of your kitchen or bathroom, which can remain functional while the work’s being done, making refacing a less intrusive process.

§ Replacing. If, on the other hand, your cabinetry has simply seen too much wear and tear, was never good quality in the first place, or you’d like a different layout (maybe one with more storage space), replacement makes the most practical sense. If money’s no object, go for custom cabinetry, but if it is, opt for unfinished cabinetry and finish it yourself. Be warned: the replacing process is relatively long and disruptive, as all contents must be removed, and appliances and plumbing need to be disconnected.

§ Rejuvenating. After all the effort and expense of refinishing, refacing, or replacing your cabinetry, it would be a shame to use the same old hardware. Installing new knobs, pulls, and hinges is an easy, inexpensive way to update your cabinetry. In fact, if you do nothing else to it, do this! In addition to aesthetic appeal, hardware can add functionality. Take self-closing hinges and drawer guides – by preventing slamming, they help preserve your cabinetry’s finish, extending its life.

Speaking of functionality, consider outfitting the insides of your cabinetry (which, by the way, can also be veneered, painted, or stained for a new look) with accessories that save space and make your kitchen or bathroom more user-friendly. Drawer organizers, Lazy Susans, roll-out shelving, pull-out garbage bins – there’s no shortage of options!


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