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Beating The Bathroom Blues

Blog by Joette Fielding | October 20th, 2015

Bathrooms.jpgThe weather may be cooling off outside, but you should be able to enjoy a warm and welcoming home every day of the year, and in every room in the house — bathroom included!

To help you out I’ve gathered some hot bathroom trends (that aren’t going away any time soon) which can help you beat the bathroom blues, taking what can sometimes be a chilly space and turning it into your favourite new place.

Warm colours

Everyone likes a clean bathroom but using lots of white, blue, and hard materials can sometimes leave a space feeling chilly.

Add inviting warmth with touches of warmer hues — look to timeless leafy greens and small doses of primary yellow to bring in some sun while staying outside of changing trends.

Also consider switching out accessories like towel bars, faucets or cabinet knobs from cool chrome or nickel to golden-toned brass for added radiance.

A single potted plant can bring some beautiful greenery—orchids actually love humid spaces so don’t be afraid to place one on the vanity.

Rich textures

Another way to counter a bathroom’s cold atmosphere is by mixing in unexpected textures, like rough woods and playful plastics.

A vanity, shelf or storage unit in patina’d or exotic wood (rather than a perfect glossy lacquer) creates a relaxed vibe. Then, add textural accents like coral, driftwood, or seagrass to widen the palette.

Make sure to balance “imperfect” pieces with some crisp ones (like an antique vanity with an acrylic or metal stool) so the overall effect doesn’t feel unkempt.


Depending on the available space, adding furnishings that don’t feel explicitly designed for a bathroom makes this room feel more like a part of the home.

For example, use a small desk instead of a typical vanity, nestle a small stool against the tub, or include a (properly wired) table lamp instead of only wall or ceiling lights.

I often use wooden stools in a bathroom design to add both a sculptural furniture element and some natural texture at once.

Wild tile

Who says a bathroom tile has to be boring? Mediterranean tile patterns are hot right now, but also feel timelessly historic.

Go bold in this space and use wild tile all over, or make a feature wall out of the shower (or even the floor) to add a dramatic focal point — it makes your mornings a memorable part of your day.

To add interest to an inexpensive porcelain tile, choose a more square shape (try a 3”x3” rather than a typical 3”x6”), and accentuate the geometry with a subtly contrasting grout in a mid-to-dark grey.

Art anywhere

Adding some unexpected artwork to a bathroom is the ultimate way to make it feel simultaneously lively and luxe.

Try a reproduction painting in a vintage frame, hang ceramic or acrylic items (like decorative plates), or use a blown-up photo in an archival frame—anything you would normally expect to see in a different space.

The steamy environment may not preserve the pieces as well as a gallery, but the slight wear and tear will be worth the everyday beauty.

For an even simpler artistic upgrade, add a beautiful frame over your existing mirror (around the edges or hanging as a layer overtop) to complete the look and present your own visage like a masterpiece.

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