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15 Fool-Proof Ways To Up Curb Appeal

Blog by Joette Fielding | December 15th, 2015

Up your curb appeal.jpgIf you’re crunched for time (or have limited funds), put these quick fixes to use around your home and instantly up its value with very little actual investment. By Emma Yardley, lifestyle writer, garage-sale sleuth and filament-light-bulb enthusiast 

Paint the Front Door

The front door is the first part of the house a prospective buyer interacts with—so make that first impression count. Before settling on the perfect new shade, try the app Front Door Paint, which lets you virtually test out a whole range of colours. 

Put Up Window Boxes

Pick up a set of simple, rough wood window planters from your local hardware store, layer a few quick coats of spray paint to match the new front-door colour, and stuff them full of seasonal potting plants. They’re easy to install and give a tired façade a floral facelift. 

Faux Stair Runner

Revamp a set of tired cement stairs with a couple gallons of concrete paint and some painter’s tape. A faux stair runner acts as a visual runway, which directs prospective buyers to the front door and into their soon-to-be new home. 

Camouflage Ugly Utility Boxes

Hydro metres, telephone-line boxes and propane pipes running up the side of an exterior wall can stick out like a sore thumb. Taking half an hour to paint-out utility boxes to match the house colour is well worth the time investment. 

Layer Plants on the Porch

Plants are golden when it comes to curb appeal—there are hundreds of different ways to use them and they all look fantastic. Here, the owner layered lines of plants to add dimension to the front porch and draw people towards the entrance. 

Pressure Wash Everything

Lots of hardware stores rent out pressure washers; check in at your local store and take one home for an afternoon of spraying off built-up scum and stains. The revealing results are always extremely satisfying.

Put Up a Porch Swing

A porch swing doesn’t have to fancy or expensive to evoke comforting feelings of home and family life. Give people a place they can picture themselves hanging out before even stepping inside the house.

Hanging Planters

All you need is a drill, a set of heavy brackets and a few premade hanging baskets from your local supermarket, and your front porch suddenly becomes a colourful kaleidoscope that everyone wants to see up close. 

Hide the AC Unit

The whirling and gurgling AC unit at the side of the house draws the eyes and ears of prospective buyers. Use spray-painted lattice screens to create a visual barrier around it—inspecting eyes skim right past it. 

Repair Torn Screens

Inspect window and door screens to confirm they’re in tip-top condition—if they’re not, fix them. Even the smallest of tears can make a house look tatty and puts one more thing onto a new owner’s to-do list. 

Update the Front Door Mat

Throw away that tired, overly stepped-on mat and find something a little more presentable. A new front door mat is a cheap investment that pays out huge dividends. 

Flowers Around Trees

Plant a ring of flowers around the bases of the trees in the front yard to add bursts of colour and bring on smiles. Make sure to create an edged bed to neatly define the flowers from the lawn. 

Spray Paint Hardware

No need to spend a fortune replacing existing (cheaper) hardware to elevate the look of doors and cupboards throughout the house. A coat or two of matte black spray paint creates a cool, modern feel at a fraction of the cost. 

Revamp Porch Lights

Switching out tired, old porch lights with a trendier type of lamp is an easy way to illuminate an entranceway and show off the impeccable taste of the current owners. 

Add a Dock Knocker

A fun vintage (or vintage-inspired) dock knocker gives a door personality and provides another fun feature interested buyers will fall in love with. They can already imagine their future visitors knock-knock-knocking. 

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