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13 Signs Your Home Is An Easy Target For Burglars

Blog by Joette Fielding | September 10th, 2015

Robbery.jpgYou've made an open invitation to burglars and you don't even know it. Read on for 13 signs burglars look for when selecting their next target.

Hedges to Hide Behind

You love the added privacy of tall hedges, and so does your burglar! A hidden front door gives a burglar added time to break in, without the stress of passersby or neighbours noticing.

Trash Bins

You're leaving for a vacation on Monday, but garbage day isn't till Wednesday. Putting your bins out two days earlier may not seem like a big deal, but it's a clear sign to burglars that you’re on vacation. You're better off having a friend or neighbour drop by to take your bins out.

Personalized Mailbox

Personalizing your mailbox is a cute idea...but it's an open invitation to your burglar to look you up and learn details about your schedule and whereabouts.

Garage Windows

Garage windows allow burglars to peek inside and see if you're home (and how sweet your wheels are). Swap out clear panes for frosted glass and your burglar will give up and move on to the next house.

Newspapers Piled Up

Like garbage bins put out days early, a pile of newspapers and mail is a clear sign that homeowners are away on vacation. You can put a hold on your delivery service or ask a neighbour to collect your papers until you're home.

Pet Doors

Pets are a giveaway that somewhere in your home, there's a pet door or open window to allow cats to come and go as they please.

Sharing Your Key

Sharing your key is risky business. Sure, you trust your maid and pool cleaner, but you can never be too sure who has access to their key.

Security Systems

Security systems are a great deterrent to burglars, but you've got to actually use it. Most pin pads are right at the front door, and visible through front doors with glass panels. A burglar could easily stroll up to the door (with a flyer in hand to throw off neighbours) and take a quick peek to see if your security system is set. Remember these two things: always set your alarm, and if you can, mount it out of sight from the front door (but always post a sticker or sign on your lawn that you have a system).

Car Keys by the Door

Having car keys within reach of the front door makes it easy for burglars to break in, grab and go, in your car, no less!

Open Windows

Open windows are an open invitation for burglars to peek in and drop in once the coast is clear. Close and lock all windows before leaving the home, even during summer's hottest months.

Hiding Valuables

Hiding valuables under your bed or in a dresser drawer makes it all too easy for burglars to steal your favourite pieces of jewellery. Instead, hide valuables in kids rooms or in your kitchen. A white container marked "Casserole" in the freezer will never entice a burglar.

Guard Dogs

Big dogs may look tough, but they're usually quick to cuddle after a burglar slips them a treat. Small dogs are generally louder, and make better guard dogs.

Renters versus Owners

Neighbours who own their homes are generally more invested in the goings on of their street, and more likely to keep an eye on neighbours houses and suspicious looking people.

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