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10 Things That Make Your Home Look Dated

Blog by Joette Fielding | March 16th, 2015

10 Things That Make Your Home Look Dated.jpg1.  Tri-Coloured Glass Mosaic Backsplash
Take out that old blacksplash. There was definitely a time when an accent backsplash that cut a kitchen wall in half was the highlight of any modern kitchen, but for a timeless look, refresh your backsplash with a herringbone pattern or subway tiles that extend all the way up the wall to the ceiling. When in doubt, always pull references from the classics.

2.  Turquoise Throw Pillows
Those turquoise pillows you bought in 2010 to bring a pop of colour to your wonderfully monochrome living room are no longer doing their job. If you don't take pleasure in rummaging through HomeSense every couple of season, then choose a black and white, graphic design for accent pillows. Black and white never goes out of style.

3.  Sofa Ottomans
Update your extra seating. While a lot of us have used the pouf that matches our sofa lounge for extra seating, perhaps see if you can relegate it to a less public room, because it's time to try a sophisticated and timeless pair of X benches. Not only are they nicer to look at, they can be used as both seating and coffee table, AND, they're much easier to get around.

4.  Maple Cabinetry
Wooden kitchen cabinets -- these wood kitchen cabinets -- are quite depressing.  There was a time when maple and oak stained cabinets were all the rage but that time has passed. Thankfully, a fix can involve nothing more than a coat of paint -- white or barely-blue cabinetry has proven to stand the test of time.

5.  Big Letters
Big letters. This one is tough because to this day, you can still walk into craft store and find huge letters spelling out all the good things in life. EAT, LOVE, FAMILY. But important as these things are, do we really need to make it so...literal? You can do better and you know it.

6.  Bad Picture Frames
Some people got very exuberant in the '80s and '90s when it came to frames. So much bad, chunky pewter gilt. If you're not sure what works, stick to boxed frames. They're always chic and add a touch of formality and purpose to any decor theme. An easy way to do this? Frames. Rather than the haphazard pictures and recipes strewn around the house, make sure everything is in frames and displayed as if you're proud of it.

7.  Dainty Lighting
Lighting does a lot more heavy lifting in today's decor themes than it used to. Swap your spindly chrome '90s chandelier for an oversized statement orb for an instantly contemporary feel.

8.  Sleigh Beds
Sleigh beds that take up a lot of space. We all want to feel like royalty when we sleep, but heavy wooden bedframes are dark and dowdy. The good news? An update can be had for less than what you can sell the sleigh for, to a less informed decorator --you can try a light fabric upholstered headboard and a skirted boxspring for an instant update.

9.  Drawer Handles
Hardware can make or break a room. It's true. Even the gaudiest neo-baroque dresser from the '70s can transform into a chic statement piece with the right classic knob.

10.  Trinkets
Less is more. Don't jam your shelves full of mismatched knickknacks you’ve found along the way, rather, opt for a more minimalist look, and use pieces that coordinate.

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